Montessori School of Novato has a non-discriminatory policy of admission for children of two through four years of age. Admission is based on space availability (Currently there is a waiting list for all classrooms) and the agreement by staff and parents that the child is ready and will benefit from the classroom environment.

Order of Acceptance

  1. Toddler children moving to Primary Class

  2. Siblings

  3. Children on wait list from previous year

  4. New applicants who will fit in with the schedule, age and genders needed to fill the class

On-Line Application

Tour Dates & Times
Tours are offered on Wednesdays at 9:15 or 10:00, October-March. We usually don't schedule tours after the first week in March unless there are openings available. The tours are about 1/2 hour long. If possible, we ask that you come without your child for the first tour.  Of course we will accommodate you if you need to bring your child. 

Here is a short video to watch before your tour of the school.