2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Earthquake Evacuation

We ask that all parents supply each of their children with an earthquake preparedness kit in case of the unfortunate event should occur. 

Safety Plan

In the event of a minor earthquake ( large enough to cause emotional stress but without the structural damage to the community) the following will be in effect:

-Be assured the staff will take good care of your child

-Listen to the radio to determine the extent of damage to the community

-Follow the plan you developed for reuniting with your child


 Upon acceptance, new parents need to complete and submit the following. Please download and print, or contact the Montessori School of Novato for an application packet. These online forms require the free Adobe Acrobat reader.


  1. For Application, please go to our Online Application

  2. Tuition Agreement

  3. Tuition Agreement Renewal

  4. Parent Handbook

  5. Identification and Emergency Information (LIC700)

  6. Physician's Report - Child's Pre-Admission Health Evaluation (LIC701)

  7. Child's Pre-Admission Health History - Parent's Report (LIC702)

  8. Parent Rights

  9. Personal Rights - Child Care Centers (LIC613A)

  10. Parents Consent for Administration of Medications (LIC9221) *if applicable*

  11. Photo Release

  12. School Directory Form

  13. Sign Up for Tuition Express

  14. Earthquake Emergency Kit